Bhutan Travel Information

Traveling to Bhutan is easy. You can come in group or totally alone. You can fix your program according to your interests and it's actually not so expensive, given the service provided. Just follow the steps below:

1. Find the appropriate time for your travel

Best time to come is March through May and October through November. Winter is also good, if you can stand bit cold. See section Climate and season for details.

You might also like to check the Festival dates as it's always nice additional experience to see the festival with mask dances in Bhutan.

2. Select the type of the trip which is best for you

Please see our complete offer of Tours and treks. Or go directly for Cultural sightseeing if it's your choice of trip. If you are mountain enthusiast and you don't mind sleeping in tents, check the Trekking tours, while if you prefer to sleep under the firm roof look at Hiking tours. If you want to relax, indulge in luxury, or simply enjoy better than standard facility, check our Luxury stay page for options.

You can also see the number of optional Experiences, which you can select in order to enrich your program. We can also help you to arrange extension trips to India and Nepal through the network of our reliable local partners.

If you don't find tour fitting your interest, we will be happy to design trip specially for you, just contact us.

3. Book your flight or plan your overland trip

We can book and buy flight tickets to Paro International Airport in Bhutan for you easily and safely. See Travel by flight for details.

Let us know from where you start your flight, and we will be happy to help you locate the best connection.

In case you plan to travel to Bhutan by land, see Overland from India section.

4. Pay for the tour and wait for us to arrange all visa formalities.

Visas are easy to arrange provided you pay full amount for tour package in advance. Details about the visa conditions, costs and minimum daily packages are in Visas and cost section. Some tips how to save money on your visit are put in Saving money page.

Possible mode of payment is standard international bank account transfer (SWIFT), bank account transfer within United States, Master or Visa card (both debit and credit) or TransferWise on-line platform.

5. Go and enjoy!

You can check Bhutan Travel FAQ for some practical information regarding your visit.

Bon voyage!