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Insurance for Bhutan visa

It is always good to have travel insurance in case of anything going wrong with your tour. Since September 2022, it is also compulsory requirement for Bhutanese visa. Insurance confirmation needs to be uploaded along with other documents with Visa application. We recommend Trawick International which can be fixed in few clicks and fits all requirements.

View of Thimphu town with hospital in front and visa insurance letter
Update as of May 2024: Insurance is no longer required. We still recommend you to get good travel insurance even though it is no longer condition for visa appliation.

What kind of insurance is required?

As per Bhutan's Tourism Rules and Regulations 2022, insurance coverage is required for medical expenses, repatriation, and accidental disability.

Most importantly, insurance coverage confirmation document for visa application has to be in English, and its coverage policy has to be clearly indicated.

COVID-19 illness don’t need to be included in the insurance policy, however it is recommended to have it.

There is no minimum limit of coverage required, however we recommend having it reasonably high. If you have to have insurance, it is better to get one which would actually really help in case of need.

What is the best insurance to get?

Matching all the requirement, we recommend Trawick International which can be fixed in a few clicks on-line.

USA based insurance house offers its product to the travelers from virtually every country. Coverage limits are sufficient for most if not all cases which might occur.

What document I need to provide for visa?

Most of the good insurance houses will provide you with some insurance confirmation document in English language.

You don’t need to provide whole insurance policy with tens of pages.

On the other hand, just the “insurance cards” are not sufficient either.

Basic document which includes your name and personal details as well as basic overview of what coverage is included in your policy is what you should submit for visa application.

Trawick International provides such document as “Visa Letter”. See how it looks below. That is what will work.

Trawick International Insurance Document
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