Farmhouse visit

Living room, Ugyen farmhouse, Haacourtesy of Ugyen farmhouse
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Cost: included in tour package
  • Place: Paro, Gasa, Phobjikha, Bumthang or elsewhere

Visit local farmhouse is interesting experience. You will see how the traditional house looks from inside and how the people do live and perform their chores inside.

You will be guest of local family who will more than happy to tell you about their lifes.

Also, you can taste traditional salt and butter tea called suja and local home distilled spirit ara.

Lunch or dinner to taste typical villager's food can be arranged too.

We can also arrange overnight stay in farmhouse, anyway be ready for simple conditions.

Some farmhouses also offers hot stone bath, traditional Bhutanese treat.


Farmhouse food, Ugyen farmhouse, Haa
courtesy of Ugyen farmhouse
Lhaki farmhouse in Haa
courtesy of Lhaki farmhouse
Host stone bath experience
courtesy of Paro Penlop Heritage
Making salty tea at Sonam Yuden farmhouse
Enjoying hospitality of Sonam Yuden farmhouse
Namgey's farmhouse in Gasa
courtesy Namgey farmhouse
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