Rafting in Bhutan
Duration: 1 hour rafting, 2-3 hours with preparation etc.
Place: Punakha (ohter places seasonallly)
Cost: 1-5 people: 300 USD total, 6 and more pay 50 USD each.

As Himalayan country Bhutan has a many beautiful rivers ideal for water sports. The most popular rivers for rafting are Mo Chu and Pho Chu in Punakha.

Rafting on Mo Chu river is easier one, ideal for beginners. The rafting starts below Khamsum lhakhang monastery. On the route of 10 km, there are 10 rapids graded as 2- to 2+ (easy). The ride is finished just beside beautiful Punakha dzong.

If you already have rafting experinece we recommend Pho Chu river for little bit more thrill. Here there are around 15 rapids of 2 to 4 grade on the route of 16 kilometers. The finish is also beside the Punakha dzong. The base cost of this route is 50 USD more then indicated above.

The rafting is seasonally possible on other rivers too, but sometimes it can be quite tricky, because of changing water levels and we can't guarantee it will be always possible. Please inquire if you're interested.