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Tachog Lhakhang

Tachog Lhakhang

Tachog (also referred as Tashog or Tamchhog) Lhakhang is small private temple and traditional suspension bridge located some 15 km on the way from Paro town to Thimphu. It was built in 16th century by Tibetan saint Thangton Gampo (also referred as Thang Tong Gyalpo). This Tibetan lama in his youth seen many people drowned while crossing the river and out of compassion with them, he became "The Iron Bridge Builder". He constructed several bridges in Tibet and Bhutan using the massive iron chains. Reincarnation of Thangtong Gampo, called Chakzampa Rimpoche, is residing in Bhutan.

Till the beginning of the 21st century, one iron bridge built by Thangtong Gampo was still surviving in Duksum village in Trashi Yangtse district but it had to be dismantled in 2004 due to it's dangerous state. Recently the government did collect original chains from all over Bhutan and did built a reconstructed replica just below Tachog Lhakhang. Many tourists do visit this place when travelling from Paro to Thimphu and vice versa.



Iron bridge (Chazam) at Tashog Lhakhang
Padmasambhava painted in Tachog Lhakhang bridge tower
Buddha Shakyamuni painted in Tachog Lhakhang bridge tower
Shadrung Nawang Namgyel in Tachog Lhakhang bridge tower
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