Archery lesson

Archery in Bhutan
Duration: 2 hours and more
Place: Paro, Thimphu, Haa and other place as per previous confirmation
Cost: Depends on place, inquire

Do You want to try Bhutanese archery? Whether you have previous experience with bow or not, we can guarantee that this would be uneven experience. Archery is traditional Himalayan sport, but in Bhutan it was developed to perfection. Sport is very different to what we know. It's a team sport where teams of 13 competes against each other. While the traditional bamboo bows are still in use in some cases, most players today prefer to compete in modern compound bow from US which are actually meant for hunting.

During our session you will have experience to try both traditional bamboo and modern compound bow. You should mind safety as the compound bow can be dangerous in case you have no experience with that. We will also give you thorough explanation of the Bhutan archery game rules.

Apart from archery you can also try popular "archery of the poor" called khuru – the darts. These are actually quite demanding and interesting as well.