Monastery overnight

Tharpaling monastery and Chummey valley
Duration: 1 night
Place: Wangdue, Bumthang, Thimphu
Cost: Covered in package

Experience overnight in beautiful monastery and interact with the monks, see their daily chores, attend the regular ceremonies and even talk to monastery's high lama. Right now, three monasteries are offering accommodation inside for tourists.

In Wangdue, you can stay in Rinchenling Monastery in Khotokha village, some 2 hours drive from Wangdue town. You might enjoy pristine valley which is very rarely visited by Tourists.

Tharpaling monastery in Bumthang is one of the famous and ancient temples founded in 14th century by famous Buddhist teacher Longchenpa. Situated almost on the 4000 meters high ridge, this a place of stunning beauty. If you hike above the monastery, you might see 360° mountain panorama and even the highest mountain of Bhutan, the Gangkhar Punesum. Each year in the end of winter, you might also experience Tharpaling Thongdrol festival here.

Another place is Tango gompa near Thimphu, the place of higher Buddhist teaching.