Motorbike ride

Motorbikes in Bhutan
Duration: Half day o full day
Place: Thimphu and around, or other place on request
Cost: From 75 USD per day for Royal Enfield
200 USD per day for KTM 650cc

As everywhere in Asia, motorbike is very popular mode of transport in Bhutan. The roads are very scenic and traffic is quite moderate so riding in Bhutan is relatively safe and very enjoyable.

We can offer you famous Indian workhorse Royal Enfield (350 or 500cc) which is favourit brand for all traditional bike enthusiast.

If you want extremely powerful terrain ready motorbike, we can rent state of art Austrian KTM 650cc.

Rentals are located in Thimphu, though in one day, you can make good trip to neighbouring districts. We can also transport the bike to the place of your choice. Renting for multiple days is also possible.