Nepal, India, Tibet and others

Trips to Bhutan can be naturally combined with visit of neighboring countries, especially India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and others. We prepared selection of the most interesting possible combination for your consideration. We will be happy to adjust the trip or suggest you a program according to your requirements.

Baynon temple in Angkor complex
Cultural sightseeing
  • All important monuments of Bangkok
  • Angkor temple complex in Cambodia
  • Tonle Sap lake boating
  • Paradise beaching on Koh Samui Island
  • Option for number of water sports
  • Reasonable to luxurious options
Cultural sightseeing
  • Indulge in mystical ethereal heritage
  • Essential monuments of Delhi
  • Holy city of Varanasi and it's ancient way of life
  • Erotic artwork of Khajuraho temples
  • Visit Taj Mahal, the monument of love in Agra
  • Amber in and Maharajah's palace in Jaipur
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