Fishing in Bhutan

Fishing in Bhutan
  • From mountain streams to tropical rivers
  • Brown trout, snow trout and golden masheers
  • Perfect for fly fishing
  • Beautiful and pristine surroundings
  • Fish are really plenty and huge in some rivers
  • No crowds of other fishermen
  • Experienced fishing guide

Bhutanese rivers are full of fish, especially brown trout, so called snow trout (schizothorax) and also golden masheers in southern regions.

Permits & restrictions

Fishing is allowed in most of the rivers on special permit which has to be obtained from local forestry department. Fishing might be prohibited on important religious days and in the vicinity of some temples and monasteries etc. It's also not allowed to use natural bait and to take the fish as trophy. Catch & release fishing is preferred but if you like to take fish for dinner, you're allowed in most cases. Permits are not issued in October and November as these are considered breeding season. Some places like whole Punakha and Wangdue districts, Chamkhar chhu river in Bumthang etc., are off-limits for fishing.


Best fishing season is very much depending on the region and elevation though generally the recommended to come mid-April to mid-May.

Tour length and service

We do organize fishing program for guests, who do book the complete tour package from us. Fishing program can be organized from half a day to few days or even a couple of weeks as per your preference. In most places the accommodation can be arranged in hotels but in some cases, it's needed to camp.

For fishing we provide experienced fishing guide who know the best fishing spots and is skilled and keen fisherman himself.

Fishing gear

We can rent basic fishing gear like fishing rod (spinning), lures and wading shoes if requested. Whenever possible, it's recommended to bring your own equipment.

More info

For further information, please inquire.