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Bhutan Postal Museum

Bhutan Post Office

Bhutan Postal Museum is located in the building of the main post office. It's interesting not only for philatelic enthusiasts but for everyone who is wants to shop for postcard and stamps.

Apart from the display of valuable Bhutanese stamps, you can learn about the history of Bhutanese postal service, one of the important features of country's modernization in 1950s.

Bhutanese stamps are world renown among the collectors. Among others, you can find a stamps featuring playable mini-CDs, holograms, pictures of Bhutanese kings, and it's natural and cultural features. Stamps commemorating event unrelated to Bhutan, like Olympic games and foreign dignitaries are also there.

If you like, you can also take you own photograph and make it printed on the stamp sheet, for just the cost of stamps itself.

Opposite the Postal Museum, check popular and well supplied Lungta handicraft shop. Among others, they do sell books, maps, music and also valuable vintage stamps for collectors.

Postal Museum shares building with Bhutan National Bank, where you can also exchange money.



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