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Drukgyal Dzong

Drukgyal dzong in Paro

The Drukgyal Dzong in translation means "The castle of the Druk's victory" where word "Druk" means Bhutanese people. The castle was built on behest of Bhutan's unifier, Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyal in 1649 to protect Bhutan from Tibetan incursion and to commemorate Bhutanese victory over the united armies of Tibetans and Mongols in 1644. It features number of original design elements like the fortified access corridor to the water source and others.

The castle was damaged by fine in 1950 and was kept in it's ruined state till recently. It was submitted to the tentative list of UNESCO. In 2016 after the birth of the successor of the king, the decision to renovate castle was made. The works are ongoing as of 2017.

Peak of Jomolhari Mountain might be visible from the Drukgyal Dzong and also from the spot on the road before you reach to castle.

Until recently this was the place where Jomolhari Trek, Snowman Trek and other Bhutanese famous treks started. Now the road will take you further north till Gunitsawa military camp.



View of Jomolhari mountain from Drukyel Dzong
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