Saving money

Travel to Bhutan is hardly ever going to be really cheap, however there are number of options how to save. See some recommendations below.

Travel in group

You can save considerably by traveling in group of minimum 3 people. In group of 11 people, one person is provided 50% discount from minimum daily package and in case of 16 people, one person is provided free.

If you want other people to join you, do let us know and in case we find someone planning to visit Bhutan in similar dates and for similar program, we can try to organize joined group and everyone will save! Just contact us.

There is also number of website where you can find travel partner to go on tour with you. For example Lonely Planet Travel Buddies, TripAdvisor Bhutan Travel Forum, Travel Buddies, TrekkingPartners (for Trekking) and many other groups and pages on social networks or local travel portals.

Travel to Bhutan by land from India

In case you undertake at least one journey to or from Bhutan by land, you can save even few hundreds USD on flight ticket cost. Although the travel by land from India invariably means long time spent in car or bus, you can visit a lot of interesting places on the way.

Anyway please mind that this is good solution for the longer duration trips only. If you plan 3 days / 2 nights tour to Bhutan and you would like both enter and depart by land, you would basically spend two days traveling in car and just one day sightseeing.

See Overland from India for details.

Travel in off-season time

Minimum package cost is slightly decreased from December through February and from June through August.

If you can stand bit of cold, the winter is actually pretty nice time, see 10 reasons to visit Bhutan in Winter on our blog. Summer is little bit worse due the the frequent rains and clouds but going for cultural tour is still quite OK.

For more detailed information, see Climate and Season.

Plan tour to Eastern Bhutan

Tours visiting Eastern Bhutan districts (Mongar, Lhuentse, Tashigang, Tashiyangtse, Pemagatshel and Samdrup Jongkhar) are discounted till the end of 2020 to promote tourism.

Eastern Bhutan itself is quite easily accessible overland from Indian city of Guwahati, which has regular and reasonable connection from Delhi, Kolkata and other big Indian airport hubs.

See Eastern Bhutan Promotion tours for our offer or contact us for custom tour.

Check if you're not eligible for discount

There are various discount schemes for package cost:

  • Infants below the age of 5 years pay only 40 USD visa fee
  • Children between 5-12 year are eligible for up to 50% discount from minimum daily package.
  • Full time students of school pupils below the age of 25 are eligible for up to 25% discount on minimum daily package

Please mind that actual discount is subject to tour viability. Contact us for details.

Students and children are also eligible for discount on flight tickets.

More information

In Firefox Tours we always try to give best possible rates with greatest services. So in any case please do contact us, we will by happy to come as near to your expectations as possible.