Bhutan entry rules amid COVID-19

Following page summarizes entry conditions which need to be met by the visitors willing to come to Bhutan as of 6 Červen 2022

Group in Dochu-la
Before departure

  • Visas or permits and all tour arrangements can only be processed through Bhutanese tour operator like Firefox Tours.
  • Only arrivals by flight are allowed for time being. Land border remains closed for tourism purposes.
  • Flights are running on reduced schedule with limited destinations. See currently available connections.
  • Check if you are eligible to transit through India, Thailand, Nepal or Singapore or other transit country.
  • Health insurance with coverage of COVID-19 treatment is compulsory.
  • PCR or any other test or vaccination certificate is not required.

Hotel quarantine & testing protocol

  • Quarantine has to be spent in hotel facility with Clean & Safe Plus certification. Firefox Tours uses Hotel Olathang in Paro due to its attentive service, large and naturally beautiful compound and good food.
  • 5 days quarantine period is required regardless of vaccination status.
  • Visitors are allowed to move freely around hotel compound.
  • Couples and co-travelers are allowed to share double/twin room.
  • Two RT-PCR tests will be conducted during quarantine on the 1st and 5th day. In case of positive result, quarantine is extended.
  • Person is released from quarantine after getting negative PCR test result either on 5th day afternoon/evening or 6th day morning.
  • Arrival day is not counted in quarantine. So if you arrive on Monday, you will be released on Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday morning.

Costs of quarantine

  • Quarantine hotel and the meal cost is paid by the visitor. Price depends on hotel and room type.
  • Quarantine cost is currently approximately 75/100 USD (single/double) per night inclusive of 3 meals a day in Deluxe Cottage in Hotel Olathang.
  • Total 6 nights need to be booked and paid for quarantine.
  • Any extra meals or drinks ordered from hotel or from outside are to be paid by visitor themselves.
  • Tests and other medical bills are paid by the visitors themselves. Cost of the first RT-PCR test is around 10 USD. Second test is free of charge.
  • Visitor are exempted from paying Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) during quarantine.

After the quarantine

  • After the quarantine, visitors are allowed to travel around Bhutan. You can only sleep and eat in Clean & Safe certified properties, which are currently available in most places frequented by tourists.
  • Other travel limitations might occur as per actual COVID-19 situation.
  • Standard costs for tourism services (accommodation, vehicle, guide, meals etc.) will apply including the SDF.
  • All mandated protective measures has to be followed by the visitor during the stay and travel in Bhutan.

Should you come?

Due to compulsory quarantine, we think that travel to Bhutan is still not very attractive for the majority of tourists. However, if you like to visit Bhutan even under these conditions, we are ready to facilitate your trip.

Follow our Bhutan tourism & COVID-19 FAQ for further details or register to get info when Bhutan relaxes its entry rules further

Last update: 6 Červen 2022

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