Bhutan entry rules amid COVID-19

Following page summarizes entry conditions which need to be met by the visitors willing to come to Bhutan from as of 28 Prosinec 2021

Currently, Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) is not accepting any applications for tourist visas or tourism travel permits. TCB is in the process of revamping quarantine rules and setting hygienic standards for hotels. However all plans for resuming tourist visas and travel permits are stalled due to the spread of omicron variant. Rules applicable previously are noted below. We will update this page once the new rules are disclosed.

Group in Dochu-la
Before departure

  • Visas or permits and all tour arrangements can only be processed through registered tour operator like Firefox Tours.
  • Authorities will approve visa applications on case by case basis. Permit from National COVID-19 Task Force is needed on top of the visas.
  • Only arrivals by flight are allowed.
  • Flights are running on reduced schedule with limited destinations. See currently available connections.
  • Check if you are eligible to transit through India, Thailand or Singapore.
  • Proof of negative RT-PCR test undertaken 72 hours before starting the journey to Bhutan is required.
  • Travel medical insurance is compulsory.

Hotel quarantine & testing protocol

  • Quarantine has to be spent in government allocated hotel facility.
  • 14 days quarantine period for fully vaccinated visitors.
  • 21 days quarantine period for unvaccinated visitors.
  • Visitors are not allowed to leave the room/cottage or meet other people during the quarantine. Going out on patio or veranda might be allowed in some facilities.
  • Couples and co-travelers are allowed to share double/twin room.
  • RT-PCR and antibody tests are conducted on 3rd to 5th day, then on 13th to 14th day and in case of unvaccinated visitor on 21st day. In case of positive result, further quarantining and testing might be required.
  • Vaccinated visitors can leave on 15th and unvaccinated on 22nd day after getting negative RT-PCR report.
  • Visitors who were infected by Sars-CoV-2 virus before and who will test twice negative on RT-PCR and twice positive on antibody test, might be released from quarantine on 15th day even while not vaccinated.

Costs of quarantine

  • Quarantine hotel and the meal cost is paid by the visitor. The quarantine rate with 3 meals a day is fixed by the government to 15 USD per person per day.
  • Any extra meals or drinks ordered from hotel or from outside are to be paid by visitor themselves.
  • Tests and other medical bills are paid by the visitors themselves. Cost of RT-PCR test is around US$ 40 and antibody test around US$ 15. Two rounds of testing thus will be around US$ 110 and three rounds US$ 165.
  • Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) of US$ 65 per night per person is levied even for the time spent in quarantine till maximum amount of US$ 715 per person.
  • Total approximate amount for 14 days quarantine is 1035 USD while for 21 days it will be 1195 USD

After the quarantine

  • After the quarantine, visitors are allowed to travel around Bhutan.
  • Standard costs for tourism services (accommodation, vehicle, guide, meals etc.) will be discounted by SDF charge of US$ 65 per person per day, since after the 14th days of stay, no SDF is levied.
  • All mandated protective measures has to be followed by the visitor during the stay and travel in Bhutan.
  • In case of visit to “high risk areas” around the southern border, travelers need to undertake 7 days quarantine. However, most tourists don't need to visit to these areas during their stay in Bhutan.

Should you come?

Due to compulsory quarantine of 14 days for vaccinated and 21 days for unvaccinated travelers, we think that travel to Bhutan is still unviable for the majority of the tourists. However, if you like to visit Bhutan at any cost, we are ready to facilitate your trip.

Since Bhutan has already vaccinated 95 % of its adult population with both doses of vaccine and it is quickly advancing in vaccinating children, we believe that some more steps towards travel relaxation might be introduced in foreseeable future.

Follow our Bhutan tourism & COVID-19 FAQ for further details or register to get info when Bhutan relaxes its entry rules further

Last update: 28 Prosinec 2021