Camping & Trekking service

Camping in Bhutan means being close to the nature and snowy peaks and also being comfortable, warm and cosy at the same time. We have expert team to achieve this! See our range of trekking tours or culture & trek combinations where you can experience their care!

Standard camping

Firefox Tours tents in Jangothang
  • Sleeping in spacious A-shape tents of proven MK5 design
  • Foam sleeping mats are provided
  • Boiled spring water provided for drinking
  • Sleeping bags can be provided on extra request.
  • Heater in dining on extra request can be arranged

Luxury camping

Luxury camping
  • Sleeping in large cottage-type tents with carpet
  • Camping beds with blankets / sleeping bag and pillow
  • Torches for lighting inside the tents
  • Dining tent equipped with gas heater
  • Additional courses of meals, snacks and deserts
  • One mineral water bottle and juice provided for each day

General camping & trekking arrangements

  • Dining tent with camping chairs and tables
  • Snacks, tea, coffee and hot water provided in dining tent
  • Three tasty meals a day
  • Special diets can be arranged upon request
  • Bowl of hot water for washing each morning
Camping at Jangothang
  • Luggage on trek being hauled by horses or yaks
  • Campsite being fully set-up by staff
  • Warm lunch being served picnic style while trekking
  • Hot shower facility available on halt days
  • Latrine tents being dig at the edge of campsite
Ascending to the Nyile-la pass
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