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Bhutan is enchanting Himalayan country with unique Buddhist culture and diverse nature. We will make your Bhutan visit easy and reasonable. We are Bhutanese tour operator focused on tailored trips for groups and individual travellers.

Visas & Tour cost

We do all arrangements necessary for Bhutanese tourist visas. Only condition required by authorities is that you need to book package tour with Bhutanese travel agency – like us.

Cost of visa and tour package will usually fall in between 180 to 290 USD per person per night depending on number of people in group, season and program. See some Hints how to save.

Flights & Tours

We can book and buy your Flight tickets to Bhutan from Delhi, Kathmandu, Bangkok and other airports. We will be happy to suggest you the best connection from your home.

See our offer of Cultural, Trekking, Hiking, Cycling, Adventure and Wildlife tours, which can be modified and enriched with optional Experiences to your taste.

Seasons & Festivals

Best time to visit Bhutan is March through May and October through November. Winter time is quite nice too, provided you can endure some cold. See Climate and season for details.

Thorough the year, there is number of interesting Festivals & Events, which are always nice extra experience. Plan your travel in due advance if you're coming for festival or during high season!

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What our guests said

Little Snowman group
Two weeks we were doing the famous Snowman Trek, the "little" version and one week we spent visiting monuments and experiencing culture and customs. Whole tour was designed just for us and everything was well organized and perfectly secured.
Marcela and friends from Czechia