What Firefox means?

Firefox is the nickname for Red Panda, unbelievable cute and sadly endangered animal which is living in eastern Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan. We are proud to have this beautiful, smart and agile deary as our brand mascot!

See some red panda cuteness in video below

One thing they got wrong in the video. They forgot to mention Bhutan, which actually has population of about 2500 mature Red Pandas!

If you want to find some interesting and surprising facts about this appealing animal, see this article in Scientific American.

To find something about Red Panda's conservation efforts, please visit Red Panda Network.

Firefox is of course Internet browser too. With that we share enthusiasm for Open Source software and freedom! Unfortunately the author of Firefox browser logo messed up and instead of painting Red Panda, he created the well known logo of fox on fire. We are still keeping hope that this blunder will be amended one day.

Otherwise, the Firefox is the brand of fire extinguisher, bikes and of course, Bhutanese Tour Operator whose website you are just visiting.

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