Guide to Bhutan

Bhutan is exciting country with many fascinating places to travel and to discover. This guide to Bhutan is our own humble effort to map the Bhutan's sights and give you and idea where to go and what to do there. This is continuing effort and we still keep extending the contents of this section.

Dzonghags (districts) of Bhutan

Bhutan is topograhically, historically and culturally divided by east-west and north-south axis. The cold alpine north-west is inhabited by the Ngalops, linguistically akin to Tibetans. The central Bhutan, also cold and mountainous, is dominated by Bumthaps and Khengs, the groups which probably came from Tibet somewhat earlier. Warm and hilly east is the domain of Sharchops, who are linguistically akin to various groups of northern Thailand and Myanmar highlands. In the lowland subtropical southern regions the Lhotshampas (Bhutanese of Nepali descent) are the majority.


Haa valley from Kathso gompa


Haa was open for tourism only in 2002 and even though it's quite near to Paro, it's still rarely visited. There is huge Indian military base in the valley. You can visit the White and Black... ➚ Read more

Rinpung Dzong in Paro

Paro is bustling small town and district. The only international airport is located here as well as the number of famous monuments including the must-see Taktsang Gompa (Tiger's Nest). It is also... ➚ Read more

Thimphu from Buddha point

Thimphu is capital of Bhutan, now consisting of more than one hundred thousand people. It's most modern and developed town in the country. The king and government rules Bhutan from here.

... ➚ Read more

Way to Chimmi lhakhang in Wangdue

Wangdue or Wangdue Phodrang is subtropical district south to Punakha. It's important junction for travel to central and southern Bhutan. It's main attraction is famous fertility Chimmy Lhakhang... ➚ Read more

Punakha dzong

Pleasant subtropical valley of Punakha used to be winter seat of the Bhutan rulers until 1970's. Punakha Dzong belongs to most beautiful castles in Bhutan. Mo chu and Po chu rivers which... ➚ Read more

Gasa dzong and Kang Bum peak

Highland district just recently connected by road. It's famous for its medicinal hot springs which are attracting huge numbers of local people. The district castle, the Gasa Dzong is also worth of... ➚ Read more


South-western district inhabited mostly by Nepali speaking Lhotshampas but also indigenous Lhop (Doya) people. Tourists are currently (as of 2019) unable to visit this region as the permits are not... ➚ Read more
Phuntsholing town
South-west district important especially as a land entry gateway to Bhutan as the border town Phuntsholing is here. For tourist, there is little to see here. Popular stop is Kharbandi gompa near to... ➚ Read more
Tsirang Dzong (castle)
South western district with headquarters in picturesque hill station Damphu is mostly inhabited by descendants of Nepali immigrants. District is relatively prosperous though not yet much visited by... ➚ Read more
Dagana range
Historically important south-west district used to be one of the most important centres of economy and power. Anyway In modern age it's significance faded. The large Dagana dzong is beautiful and... ➚ Read more


Trongsa dzong

Strategically and historically significant district is the cultural border of western and central-eastern Bhutan. Royal family of Bhutan had risen from here at the end of 19th century. Trongsa... ➚ Read more

Kurjey Lhakhang

Bumthang, dubbed as "Historical Heart of Bhutan" consists of four valleys, Chummey, Choskor, Tang and Ura. You can spend a couple of days here and still discover new interesting places. Domestic... ➚ Read more


Near Zangtopelri Lhakhang
This southern district of Bhutan with long shared border with Indian state of Assam is rarely visited by tourist. Most inhabitants are Bhutanese of Nepali origins called Lhotshampas. District... ➚ Read more
Zhemgang dzong
Zhemgang is district in central Bhutan rarely visited by tourists. Apart form interesting castle in Zhemgang town, it's famous as wildlife hotspot. Tingtibi town is famous as one of the finest... ➚ Read more


Kori-la pass
Mongar is district in eastern-central Bhutan. Although it has fast growing economy for tourist it's basically place to go through while travelling from West to East (or opposite) and to visit Lhuntse... ➚ Read more
Guru Padmasambhava statue in Takila
North-eastern district of Lhuntse is known for it's beautiful dzong and also for it's beautiful, exclusive and pricey weaving in Khoma village. Dungkar, the ancestral home of Bhutan's royal family in... ➚ Read more
Trashigang Dzong
Tashigang is eastern district of Bhutan. The first university in Bhutan, the Sherubtse is located here. Tashigang is basically transit point between on the way from West to East (or opposite) and to... ➚ Read more
Chorten Kora in Trashi Yangtse

This north-eastern district is quite famous for it's Chorten Kora stupa, built as a copy famous Bouddhanath stupa of Kathmandu valley. It's very holy place on which two major festivals (Dakpa Kora... ➚ Read more


This remote eastern Bhutan district is one of the core areas of Sharchop culture. It's only rarely visited by tourist, although it has number of festivals which might attract some. It's reachable by... ➚ Read more
Hindu hermit in Dewathang
Samdrup Jongkhar is gateway to Bhutan when entering from India's state of Assam. Assam's capital Guwahati is just 4 hours drive from here, so the access is quite straightforward. There is little... ➚ Read more
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