Monastery overnight

Experience overnight in beautiful monastery and interact with the monks, see their daily chores, attend the regular ceremonies and get teaching from the monastery's high lama.

Rincheling monastery


Be prepared for simple conditions. Monastery guests houses offers very basic rooms equipped with bed, blankets and clean bedding. Toilet is shared and shower is not always available.


  • Dodedra Shedra above Thimphu can be reached by 90 minutes hike. Although located right above the busy town, it offers pristine atmosphere and peace. Monks speak good English and are very welcoming to visitors. Small museum is located in one of the temples.
  • Rincheling monastery in Khotokha valley, requires somewhat about 90 minutes drive from Wangdue. Access might be difficult in case of heavy rain, since road is muddy. This monastery is another center of higher Buddhist studies.
  • Tshokherling monastery in Tsirang with English language speaking Rimpoche (reincarnate lama) is the palce for lovers of road less traveled.
  • Lhodrak Kharchu Monastery in Bumthang, just above the Jakar town, is home to approximately 250 monks of Nyingmapa (Red hat) school of Tibetan Buddhism. It also offers comfortable accommodation almost comparable to standard hotel.



Rincheling Monastery
Rincheling Monastery dining
Tango monastery, dining with monks
Dodedra shedra
Main temple in Dodedra shedra
Guest room in Dodedra monastery
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