Fishing in Bhutan

Angling for trouts and masheers

  • From mountain streams to tropical rivers
  • Brown trout, snow trout and golden masheers
  • Perfect for fly-fishing
  • Beautiful and pristine surroundings
  • Fish are really plenty and huge in some rivers
  • No crowds of other fishermen

Fishing in Bhutan
Bhutanese rivers are full of fish, especially brown trout, so-called snow trout (schizothorax) and also golden masheers in southern regions.


Best season for fishing is mid-April to mid-May and in October to mid-November. In summer, there is too much rain and water is wild, in winter, fish do stay in deep waters.

Permits, rules, and regulations

  • Different water bodies are classified as “masheer water” or “trout water” and as “normal fishing” and “high-end fishing”. Permit fees differs substantially depending on what type of water you are going to fish in.
  • Permits can be arranged for 1 day only or for the extended period u to 1 year for normal fishing and 1 month for high-end fishing.
  • During first and forth sacred months of Bhutanese lunar calendar (usually falling to January-February and May-June), fishing is prohibited on normal permit, but you can still fish on high-end permit.
  • During breeding period fishing is prohibited. For masheer it is June to August while for trouts it is from November to December.
  • Catch and release fishing is only permitted method. Trophy fishing is strictly forbidden.

Tour length and service

From half day fishing to multiple days fishing tour can be accommodated. Please mind that at least 5 days, ideally more, is needed for good fishing experience.

Fishing gear

You need to bring all fishing gear yourself, we don't have anything to rent.

Fishing spots map

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