Ethnographic Bhutan, 15 days

Ploughing field with yaks in Laya
See the last yak herders

Tour highlights

  • Specialized group for ethnography entusiasts
  • Covers two semi-nomadic yak herder ethnicities
  • Most famous tourist spots of Bhutan included
  • Crossing whole Bhutan from west to east
  • Visit Layap tribe akin to Tibet but totally distinct
  • See life of Brokpas akin to groups of Indian Tawang
Tiger's Nest Monastery
Drukair's Airbus in Paro
Rinpung dzong in Paro
Landing at Paro airport
Small monks
Gigantic Buddha statue in Thimphu
Thimphu from Buddha point
Mountain views from Dochu la
Stupa top and mountain panorama in Dochu la
Image of Shabdrung on stupa in Dochu la pass
Dochu-la pass
Gasa dzong and Kang Bum peak
Gassa Dzong with mountain in the background
Forrest on the way to Bari La
Monks in Gasa dzong
Gasa Tsachu - Hot springs
Gasa dzong tower
Small monks in Gasa dzong
Ploughing field with yaks in Laya
Lady in Layap hat
Lungu village
Layap girl
Punakha dzong
Story about Four friends
On the way to Ura
Gangkhar Punesum, highest mountain in Bhutan
Ura village
Children in Ura
Shooting in Merak
Playing archery in Merak
Merakpa lady
Sakteng hospitality
Sakteng village
Near Merak
Entrence to Sakteng
Nun in Sakteng temple
Hindu hermit in Dewathang
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