Marriage ceremony

Marriage ceremony
Duration: 1 day
Place: Paro, Thimphu, other place after further inquiry
Cost: $ 600 for ceremony, $ 150-200 for pair of Bhutanese dress, $ 150 photographer, $ 100+ for luncheon.

Why not to have a marriage ceremony in Bhutan? You can appreciate that even in case you already had the ceremony in home as a part of honeymoon package!

First you need to go for shopping and select most beautiful traditional Bhutanese dress. Then we will explain you everything about ceremony. It will be held in temple. There will be about 4 monks praying for you. At the end of the ceremony, you'll get blessing and marriage certificate from head lama. We can also arrange professional photographer, to document unique event of your life.

On the conclusion, we can also arrange celebratory luncheon. Many Bhutanese will be happy to come to celebrate your marriage and wish you best luck.

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