Festivals & Events in Bhutan

Dolay Drupchen

Event type: 
Buddhist festival
1827 Květen 2024
Tiger's Nest, Paro
Events in 2024
Event name and palce Tentative dates
Lhamoi Doey-Phang, Ringpung Dzong, Paro 3 Srp 2024
Paro Rinpung Dromche, Rinpung Dzong, Paro 10 Zář 2024
Terchen Drupchen, Kichu Lhakhang, Paro 1121 Zář 2024
Dankala Mani Tshechu, Dankala lhakhang, Shaba, Paro 18 Zář 2024
Tshepami Throngdrel, Ringpung Deyangkha, Paro 1517 Lis 2024
Events in 2025
Event name and palce Tentative dates
 Paro Tshechu, Rinpung Dzong, Paro 812 Dub 2025
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