Kathmandu Valley extension, 5 days

Cultural sightseeing
  • Ancient monuments, mountain flight and superb shopping
  • Good flight connection to Bhutan with stunning mountain flight along the highest peaks of Himalayas
  • Beautiful monuments with living vibrant culture
  • Fairy tale town Bhaktapur
  • Buddhism and Hinduism intertwined
  • Lot of accommodation options
  • Mountain flight to see Mt. Everest
  • Unmatched souvenir shopping
  • Possible to connect Tibet trip also
# Itinerary Program
1 Arrival to Kathmandu, transfer to Bhaktapur Arrival to Nepal from Bhutan or other destination and transfer to Bhaktapur. The best preserved royal city of ancient Kathmandu valley civilization lies some 30 minutes drive from the airport. Hotels are located just in the old city making it very easy to witness the traditional life. See the highest pagoda styled temple Nyatapola and the Durbar square, which served as the showcase of the former city kings' wealth and artistic talent. Also explore the intriguing labyrinth of passageways through the old houses and courtyards.
2 Bhaktapur - Nagarkot - Changu - Kathmandu If you like, you can wake up early morning and depart to Nagarkot for sunrise. In a good weather you have a chances to see panorama of Himalayan range very nicely. Then you drive to Tilkot and start short 2 hours hike on top of the ridge penetrating to the valley. If you're not early bird, you will go to Tilkot after breakfast in Bhaktapur. Tilkot reserve hike offers nice views down to the valley. You'll see paddy fields, brickyards, villages and towns of the valley. There is number of birds to be seen here. On top of the hill, you can visit local hermit, the Kali Baba, who is highly revered by local villagers and is known for his friendly attitude to tourists. Descend through the village and potato and millet fields to Changu town and see the historically significant Changu Narayan temple. After this, you will go back for Bhaktapur for lunch and see Dattatreya square and famous peacock window. Then after you'll drive to Kathmandu and explore the shopping opportunities of Thamel tourist ghetto.
3 Kathmandu Early morning drive to domestic airport for famous mountain flight. During one hour cruise, you'll see Mt. Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu and Lhotse and many less high mountains. You'll be also invited to cockpit and flight attendant will be there to help you identify mountains. It's one of the greatest experiences of Nepal's visit. Later drive to Swayambhu stupa stairway and hike to the hilltop. There is plenty of monkeys all around for which it's also called "Monkey temple". Explore the beautiful surrounding monasteries, including the one which belongs to Drukpa Kaygu order(Bhutanese). Then after we will descend to Buddha chowk, where you can see the statues of Guru Padmasambhava, Avalokiteshwara and Manjushree, alltoghether called "protectors of wisdom". From here you'll be driven to Amithaba gomba (White Monastery) overlooking Kathmandu valley from high hill. This beautiful Drukpa lineage establishment hosts hundred of monks from all Buddhist Himalayas. After exploring the stunning monastery, car will take you to Kathmandu Durbari square with great number of beautiful pagodas and former king's palace. You'll visit the living goddess Kumari house (and see her if you're lucky) and Hanuman Dokha palace. In the end of day tour, you'll take riksha ride back to your hotel in Thamel.
4 Kathmandu Today we will first go to Pashupatinath temple, which is considered by Hindus as the most holy place in Nepal. They believe that here is the winter abode of Shiva and his wife Parvati. Also it's believed that the river and adjacent hill are natural representation of Shiva's lingam (penis) and Parvati's yoni (vagina). Temple itself is off-limits for non-Hindus but the normal tourist can see the cremation of deceased and mingle with numerous Hindu hermits who lives on temple premises. After visit you'll drive to nearby Boudhanath stupa, the biggest Buddhist stupa in Nepal. This place is mostly inhabited by Tibetan refugees and indigenous Nepali highlanders who profess Tibetan branch of Buddhism. Place is very well maintained and makes great stop for lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the royal city of Patan, dubbed as the "City of art". Local temples and palaces are really superb examples of Newari architecture. Former kings' palace hosts one of the best museums in South Asia. Golden Temple, Vishwanath, Uku bahal and Mahaboddhi temples makes another important places to see here. Later drive back to Kathmandu and conclude your stay with special Nepali dinner with traditional dances.
5 Departure from Kathmandu Departure from Nepal to Bhutan or other destination.
Tour variants, extensions and combinations: 
  • Trekking: There is number of options of interesting treks in Nepal. It's possible to go independently or expedition style, whatever fits you. We will be happy to help with planning and all arrangements.
  • Pokhara excursion: Pokhara is beautiful city for relaxing, where you can do number of interesting activities including boating, paragliding, ultralight flights, zip drive, golf and others.
  • All around Nepal trip: We can plan and organize full all Nepal round trip. Please contact us and specify your timeframe and other details. We will arrange everything necessary.