Guide to Bhutan

Buddha Dordenma Statue

Gigantic Buddha statue in Thimphu

This relatively new landmark of Thimphu is quickly becoming one of the major places of interested in the capital. Located on the hill above the town, the statue with height of 52 meters is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. It's made by gilded bronze statue itself contains 125 000 smaller Buddha statue. There is a temple inside the pedestal on which statue sits. The construction started in 2006 but was not yet completely finished in 2017.

Around the area of the statue, the Kuensel Phrodang Nature Park offers nice opportunity for short hikes, picnic and stunning views of the town located beneath.

It's said that the construction of the Bouddha Dordenma statue was predicted by the 7th century Buddhist saint Padmasambhava and his prophecy was discovered by 13th century Bhutanese treasure-discoverer Terton Pema Lingpa.



Thimphu from Buddha point
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