Guide to Bhutan

Sorig Museum (National Institute of Traditional Medicine)

Sorig MuseumCourtesy of National Institute of Traditional Medicine

The Museum houses traditional medicine specimens including high and low altitude medicinal plants, about 150 herbaria, 130 samples of medicinal plant materials, thankas (scroll), Dongdrem (The Medicine Trees representations) and many other extensive collections.

Further, the Museum also showcases the medicinal ingredients that include herbs, minerals and animal parts that have healing properties.  The thangkhas (scroll) with pictures and drawings of sorig therapies such as venesection and Moxibustion, thanka of anatomical grid etc. are also in display.

Ancient medical instruments used in Bhutanese traditional medicine are also in display. This display of samples and models serves as useful tool for effective teaching learning process, not only to the students of the Faculty but also for the foreign visitors.

Spa services are also provided by affiliated Sorig Wellness House.



Tanadug Phodrang, the Celestial City of Medicine
Courtesy of National Institute of Traditional Medicine
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