Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, 9 days

Lake, Dagala trek
Easy access and pristine

Tour highlights

  • Easy access from Thimphu and Paro
  • Panoramic mountain views
  • Magical landscape with hundreds of lakes
  • Reaching to holy Jomo (Dagala) peak in 4716m
  • Only small number of other trekkers do this trail
  • All cultural sights of Paro and Thimphu covered
Tiger's Nest
Gigantic Buddha statue in Thimphu
Drukair's Airbus in Paro
Small girl in traditional dress
Drukgyal dzong in Paro
Monk in Paro dzong
Ascending to Dagala
Lake, Dagala Trek
Resting on Dagala Trek
Mountain views, Dagala Trek
Gangkhar Punesum view, Dagala Trek
Lake, Dagala Trek
Dagala Trek
Lake, Dagala Trek
Reaching the pass on Dagala Trek
Jomolhari peak from Dagala
Views on Dagala Trek
Jomolhari range view, Dagala Trek
Mountain panorama from Dagala
By the lake, Dagala Trek
Jomolhari range, Dagala Trek
Landscape, Dagala Trek
Mountain views, Dagala Trek
Horse caravan on Dagala trek
Dagala trek
Landscape with lake, Dagala Trek
Masagang range, Dagala Trek
Trekking team
Tashichho dzong in Thimphu
Story about Four friends
School of traditional arts in Thimphu
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