Traditional Spa

Sorig Wellness bathtubcourtesy of Sorig Wellness

Traditional spa treatments

Traditional medicinal spa treatment can be experienced in Sorig Wellness House, which is associated to Faculty of Traditional Medicine and its procedures are overseen by studied doctors. It is located in Thimphu in the area of Institute of Traditional Medicine not far from city centre.

Following treatments are offered:

  • Sorig Herbal Bath can be provided in wooden yakuzzi good for up to four people together or in bathtub good for one person. It is recommended for stress reduction, relaxation, smoothing muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation or combating infection.
  • Sorig Herbal Steam Application means streaming of pressurised herbal infused steam to selected parts of the body. It is used to treat mainly Arthritis, Periarthritis, Cervical spondylosis, Varicose veins, Psoriasis, Sprain, Sciatica, Muscle dystrophy, Obstinate skin diseases, Spasm, Gastritis, Sinusitis, Lower backache, Paralysis and Trauma etc.
  • Sorig Herbal Steam Bath is full body steam bath used for relaxation and general rejuvenation of bodily powers.
  • Healing massages of the whole body or just back, head, face, legs or arms are also privided.

Service Duration Cost per person
Sorig Herbal Bath (Chhu Lum) 90 minutes 12 US$
Sorig Herbal Steam Application (Lang Dhug) 60 minutes 7 US$
Sorig Herbal Steam Bath (Lang Lum) 60 minutes 8 US$
Full Body Massage 90 minutes 25 US$
Back or Head or Legs Massage 30 minutes 10 US$
Arms Massage 30 minutes 8 US$
Face Massage 30 minutes 7 US$

While booking appointment, it is recommended to inform Sorig Wellness House  about your ailment so they can suggest optimal treatment and select appropriate herbal remedy.

Rejuvenation and recovery stays

You can also get traditional spa and wellness services while staying in Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary hotel. This 5★ hotel employs traditional doctors who will examine you free of charge while staying in the hotel. Spa treatments and wellness facilities provided by hotel are complimentary hor hotel guests as well.


Sorig Wellness, bathtub
courtesy of Sorig Wellness
Sorig Wellness
courtesy of Sorig Wellness
Herbal Steam Application
courtesy of Sorig Wellness House
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary spa
courtesy of Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary pool
courtesy of Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary courtyard
courtesy of Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
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