Explore South-West Bhutan II, 7 days

Dagana Dzong
Rarely visited Dagana!

Tour highlights

  • Most interesting sights with exploratory touch
  • Ideal for winter visit due to lower altitudes
  • All sights of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue
  • Witness southern Bhutan warmth and vivid nature
  • Lush natural beauty of Tsirang and Dagana
  • See the distinct southern Hindu communities
Iron bridge (Chazam) at Tashog Lhakhang
Padmasambhava painted in Tachog Lhakhang bridge tower
Gigantic Buddha statue in Thimphu
Thimphu from Buddha point
Memorial chorten
Policeman giving singal in Thimphu
Tashichho dzong in Thimphu
Tashichho dzong in Thimphu
108 stupas in Dochu-la pass
Dagana Dzong
Mural painting of guardian god in Dagana Dzong
Young lady wearing "kira"
Joint Hindu-Buddhist temple in Damphu town
Depiction of the birth of lord Buddha in Damphu
Singa Devi Temple
The stupa at Goempa in Tsirang Toe
Ruins of old castle in Tsirang Toe
Punakha dzong
Punakha Dzong
Way to Chimmi lhakhang in Wangdue
Landscape around Khamsum lhakhang
Rinchengang village, Wangdue
Prayer wheels
Tiger's Nest
Rinpung Dzong in Paro
View of Jomolhari mountain from Drukyel Dzong
Drukgyal dzong in Paro
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