Fishing in Bhutan

Angling for trouts and masheers

  • From mountain streams to tropical rivers
  • Brown trout, snow trout and golden masheers
  • Perfect for fly-fishing
  • Beautiful and pristine surroundings
  • Fish are really plenty and huge in some rivers
  • No crowds of other fishermen

Haa chhu (Haa)

Haa is very pristine and beautiful valley in western Bhutan. The river Haa chhu is rather fast alpine river in altitude of approximately 2.700 meters. Due to this altitude it's better to come for fishing in second half of April and in May or in September, otherwise it can be unpleasantly cold. Most common fish is brown trout.  Fishing in this beautiful alpine nature is very pleasant experience too.

Pa chhu & Wang chhu (Paro & Thimphu)

Fishing in the area of Paro and Thimphu is easily accessible and can be arranged as half day activity even on short tours. On the other hand, due to large overfishing and pollution, Pa chhu and Wang chhu rivers are not so rich in fish as the other places in Bhutan. Main fish is trout and snow trout here.

Sankosh (Tsirang)

Sankosh river, how the Puna Tsang Chu is called in the southern district, is temperate and large river great for catching golden masheers. Southern tropical valleys are ok for fishing even in the winter months although probably best time is from February to March and October to November. Camping has to be required while fishing here, due the fact that the hotels are quite far from best fishing spots.

Mangde chhu (Zhemgang)

River flowing through Trongsa and Zhemgang districts is another temperate and quite large river which is popular for golden masheers. The best base for fishing here is Tingtibi where simple hotel is available.

Manas chhu and Drangme chhhu (Zhemgang)

Quite recently Manas river was open for fishing. This is very nice opportunity to fish in truly tropical river flowing through dense jungle. Accommodation can be arranged in Pangbang Jungle camp. We can also are 3-4 days fishing and rafting expedition on Drangme chhu river from Nganglam town till Manas.

Tang chhu and Chummey chhu (Bumthang)

Bumthang is very pleasant alpine valley. Many fast mountain rivers full of trout and snow trout confluences in this historically significant area. Fish are quite big and very tasty and adept fisherman can catch tens well sized fish in mere few hours. Best river to for fishing is Tang chhu in charming Tang valley. Chummey valley is also good place. Chamkhar chhu river is holy, co it's off limits for fishing.

Other areas

Although fishing is possible in Paro and Thimphu, we usually don't recommend as these areas are quite polluted and affected by overfishing. Punakha, Wangdue and Phobjika valleys are now off-limits as the fishing is only reserved for royal family.

Eastern Bhutan is not very much popular for fishing but it's rivers could definitely be explored. We will be happy to assist you if you decide to try your luck here!

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