Guest Feedbacks

Paul and Anthony with guide Sonam and driver Chechey

We couldn’t be happier with Sonam Tenzin as guide and Chechey as driver!

They were both so friendly and personable, and they were very generous with sharing their stories and experiences. We learned so much from Sonam on everything from birding to Buddhism. They were always extremely professional as well.

When I got sick, and we had to cut our trek short, they were very accommodating and rolled with all the changes along the way. The trekking crew gave us the royal treatment, and they served the best food in Bhutan.

Chechey was an excellent driver! She navigated through all kinds of terrain and was always so calm and professional no matter where we went. We felt so safe with her behind the wheel. During the part where we were cycling, she would even drive ahead so that Sonam and she could take videos of us on the road.

Sonam introduced us to a family of yak herders, and we ended up spending time in their home sharing yak butter tea. He really encouraged us to try a hot stone bath, and he was right that it was the best way to relax and recover after a trek. Both of them helped us buy and get into our ghos for a festival and participated in everything along with us. We really enjoyed their company and were very sad to say goodbye to them. It felt as though we spent a lot longer than two weeks with them. We are still sending pictures to each other and keeping in touch.

Our last thank you is to Michal, without whom we would not have had this excellent itinerary. His level of communication was amazing, and he crafted our dream trip through Bhutan. Even while he was out of the country on a different trek, he was sending us updates and asking how we were.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Paul and Tony, USA
October 2023
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