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Bhutanese King protecting country from coronavirusgraphics by @susanpuwar

Bhutanese people love their King unconditionally. However, with Covid-19 crisis, their embrace of the monarchy reached totally  new levels. His Majesty ordered the government to prevent even single death in Bhutan by novel coronavirus and toured around the country to oversee proper preventive measures implemented in it’s every corner. People’s responses on social media were overwhelming with hundreds of charming graphics being created and posted to express their respect and gratitude. We collected some of the most accomplished pictures, and we also explain why the King of Bhutan is so candidly and heartily loved.


Bhutan has recently flashed the international headlines due to ongoing stand-off between Chinese and Indian armies on the obscure mountain ridge disputed between Bhutan and China. Mountainous territory called Doklam, Dokola or Donglam lies on the tri-junction of Bhutan, Sikkim (India) and Tibet (China). Many articles from different perspectives were written since mid-June when the crisis broke out. Stand-off is often described as the most serious Sino-Indian hostility in the last 15 years. Many commentators from India and China alike expressed rather aggressive and threatening attitudes, invoking the fears of the possible clash between two nuclear giants. Should you be worried to visit Bhutan then? The short answer is resolutely NO. For long answer please continue reading below.

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