Festivals & Events in Bhutan

Talo Tshechu

Event type: 
Buddhist festival, Major event
13 April 2020
2123 March 2021
Talo Gompa

The three-day Talo Tshechu is well known for its mask dances and the atsara dances. An equally popular attraction, which has a deep religious and historical significance, is the Zhungdra (classical dance) by the Talo dance troupe. The three songs of Mani Sum, which comprise the Zhundra set, are performed as the closing item on each day of the three days of the Tshechu. The three Songs, Samyi Sala (performed on the first day), Drukpa Dungey (second day) and Thowachi Gangi Tselay on the final day, are the pride of the Talo community.

Principal, Talo Shedra +975 02 380712